Welcome to myOrders!

This program is meant for shareware programmers to maintain their customer orders.

I created this program in a day. This is not a fancy program, just a dirty little program to maintain the customer orders very effectively. Even though it is not like RegKeeper, I hope we can convert this program like it :o)...

If you have any questions please mail me at gururamnath@users.sourceforge.net
I'll be updating the program constantly. Any help with this project is greatly appreciated.

You can get the source from the CVS or you can download the exectables from the following links.

Executable without MDAC- For Win XP,Win 2k

Executable without MDAC.- Other Win

In order to compile the source code, you need RXLIB and Alextsoft visual db pack from http://www.torry.net/db/visible/db_vispacks/alexsoft.zip
Hope this will be of help to you all.

-Guru Kathiresan

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